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Did you know there are professional rent guarantors?

Not many people know professional rent guarantors exist. So they panic when trying to find a rental property if they don't have family or friends to vouch for them. This includes South Africans immigrating to the UK - as well as the self-employed.

In fact, almost a third of tenants applying to rent a property in the UK are discriminated against because they don’t tick the traditional boxes which rely too heavily on credit files. For example, in the rental market, tenants would be required to pay 50% - 100% of the rent upfront or find a UK-based guarantor (who’d need to be a UK homeowner and earn approximately £85k per annum).

But, you can avoid all this stress by using a professional lease guarantor.

Did you know PROP dot Mobi has affiliates who can act as your professional guarantor, by agreeing to accept responsibility in your written guarantee contract? This is done using innovative data-validation technology to check you meet our minimum requirements, giving you an answer in minutes. This means we can approve people that others can't.

In the First Quarter of 2021, almost 4,000 internationals were approved for their rental property who would otherwise have been discriminated against. Collectively these tenants saved £5.7-million on upfront rental payments!

With our affiliates, PROP dot Mobi fosters financial inclusion, assisting quality tenants rent without discrimination or small print conditions. Our mission is to deliver a fair guarantor service, this includes fair referencing, fair pricing and finding a home for those that can’t. 

Click on the image below to Pre-Qualify for your UK rent guarantor service.

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