Choosing a Rent Guarantor

Choose PROP dot Mobi as your rental guarantor

We believe all renters are equal, so we don’t rely on unfair, out-dated credit scoring systems to assess your application. Instead, we use new technology that can correctly identify that you’ll be a good tenant, even if you’ve never rented in the UK before.

What information will you need?

1. Proof of Income 

A signed contract or payslips dated from the last 3 months. Your yearly income must be 22 times the gross monthly rent.

2. Proof of Identity

A valid proof-of-identity document such as a passport, driver's license or birth certificate.

3. Residential History

Previous 3 years’ residential history and proof-of-address dated from the last 3 months.

4. Open Banking

For our affiliates to act as your Guarantor, you are required to report your rental payments. The easiest and safest way to do this is via Open Banking. 

Click on the image below to Pre-Qualify for your UK rent guarantor service.

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